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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Merlin`s training is proceeding slowly and steadily. He is growing up, and can already lift the hind leg (slowly and not too high in case he falls over and is jeered at by other males, especially Marcus and Shelby).

I can`t pretend it has been easy, but it has been made a lot happier by the presence of other Papillons at training class. Like many Paps, Merlin is happiest with his own and tends to despise other breeds - Papillons are a little prone to see themselves as the master race.

We have been helped further by the presence of a small rather squat and solid young female Papillon, whom I have come to think of (but never aloud!) as The Fur Brick. Merlin has fallen passionately in love with The Fur Brick, and cries plaintively when denied her presence. She has reciprocated by snapping at him and hurling abuse as only an offended female Pap can. (A young male dog`s response to this kind of treatment by a female is usually - "She noticed me! I`m in there!")

He was gazing passionately at her last time, and didn`t notice his nemesis rolling up behind him. Then he turned suddenly and was nose to nose with a Pekingese pup.

Many dogs have a problem with Pekes. The problem is, simply, "it smells like a dog, it acts like a dog - but what the hell is it?" Even dogs who have met Pekes before can be uncertain which end it is safe to sniff politely, and which end might bite if you made a mistake. (A friend`s Peke which was televised at Crufts, was overheard being referred to by the cameramen as "the motorised floormop". )

Merlin had never seen one close up. He had no idea what it was. He stared in amazement at the grinning flat black mask inches from his nose. Had the Martians landed? Should he notify MI5? Should he pee, that doggy answer to many awkward moments ? - no wait a bit, there was the falling over problem......

Eventually he reacted in the best mature adult Papillon manner. He jumped up and down and screamed filth and insults as loudly as possible. The Fur Brick watched in open admiration. She hadn`t realised he knew language like that...

I removed my delinquent . The Peke wagged one end and smiled inscrutably at the other...

Well, I think it was a smile.
Bwaa! I so wish I could come spend time with you and your little dogs. I think you're all quite mad -- which means I would fit in perfectly.
"Fur brick" - there could NOT be a better description than that. It made me give a snort of laughter, which is not a Good Thing To Do! :) It's also not elegant...
Oh my. Thanks for the laugh.

We went to the US AKC Agility Nationals yesterday, and Paps were the stars of the small breed arenas.
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