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Monday, April 16, 2007


What was meant to be a quiet afternoon was suddenly disturbed by a huge screeching chorus of Papillon voices. I started the usual emergency dash, only to realise that they were in a dense thicket of shrubs and brambles (I have a lot of those), and were completely unreachable.

The noise rose - a very predatory sound. Were they killing something in there? Was it a fight ? I shouted. I tried to force my way in. But I just couldn`t reach them.....

And suddenly realised what would. I turned on the hose. I live at the end of the main, and the pressure is very high. This can bring problems (see Archive, August 4 2004), but it can have its advantages.

The hose reached them easily, at almost Fire Brigade pressure. The noise cut out instantly, as a hysterical pack of small dogs suddenly experienced the joys of life underwater, without any helpful commentary from David Attenborough. I kept it going.

A sad trail of small soaked people began to slink out of the undergrowth, throwing me looks that would have frozen hell. They stood around and dripped reproachfully. How could I have spoiled their fun? Had I no sense of humour?

For once I could tell exactly who the perps were. The dry dogs grinned and wagged their tails virtuously.....Truly was particularly superior. The wet criminals kept well apart, dreading what might follow - perhaps the dreaded shampoo and drier, the ultimate punishments?

It was a warm afternoon and they would soon dry. I administered a tongue - lashing in which the words "pond life" featured prominently and only then realised how appropriate that was.

If they behave like that again, they had better think about growing fins.
Wasn't any cat involved? :)
I do hope not. So far the cat count here is correct. I hope no-one else is missing theirs.
Hi Elizabeth,

Havent seen a new post from you in a while. Hope you're ok and that the dogs are behaving!
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