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Thursday, April 12, 2007


No. I didn`t die.

But my landline did. Again.

I am very sick of BT. A week without internet access this time. The source of the trouble was a building site at the top of the hill. They sent in men to clear the site and that`s what they did...including two of my poles and a large section of underground cable. The problem was not the repair, although I gather that a certain amount of friction between builders and BT made it more interesting.

No the problem was that BT emergency engineering staff take a four-day Easter weekend. Leaving me and most of the local area in the lurch while they took a week to complete a simple repair.

I wish I had cable. But it doesn`t reach here. I am dependent on landlines and BT has the monopoly there.

Never mind - the blog is back for the moment. Until they do more to the cable in two weeks time.

They said it would take a day.

I expect at least a month this time.
Glad to see you back. Lost your email address, write me I need to ask you a question.
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