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Friday, January 26, 2007


Took myself and my bad chest off to see the new Bond film because everyone was raving about it. I think the fresh air on the way did me good....and that would be about it.

The essence of the Bond films was action with a sexy hero, all very tongue in cheek. Through all the avatars of Bond himself, the basic formula was adhered to, and there was never any suggesion that this was some kind of social realism.

Now here we have Serious Bond. No humour - and alas, the new Bond has all the sexual allure of a rather dour haddock. (Nice bod though - there is a nude torture scene.)

So what are we left with? Good stuntwork (as in dozens of other films), the rather hokey plot, the Girl, whose aloof charms don`t strike any visible sparks from our hero (possibly because it`s hard to strike sparks from wood) - oh yes, and Judi Dench, whose presence constantly reminds the rest of the cast that they would benefit from acting lessons.

Whither Bond Now?

Probably right down the toilet.
This is supposed to be 'rough diamond' Bond, about to be shaped into the perfect gentleman spy. But the timeline is all wrong, and there's that adage about sow's ears. And surely there is nothing sexier than the humour in Sean Connery's eyes. This guy has all the charm of a homicidal adding machine. Sigh...

I'm with you, where on earth can they go now?
Couldn`t agree more. Connery was the only real Bond. Without the charm the character is nothing. And this actor could be replaced by....yes I`m going to say it - Vinnie Jones, and it couldn`t be any worse.

Nonsense! We've been following Daniel Craig's career since 'My Friends from the North' series and think he has matured into a really good actor who suited the part well. Bond films were always a bit of action-packed, fantasy and fun -not meant to be taken seriously and Casino Royale is no different. Stop dissecting it and looking for faults - just take it at face value and it is two and a half hours of good entertainment. p.s. Stop living in the past -Sean Connery is an a past-it, tax exile now - give Daniel a chance!!
Alas, I didn`t have two and a half hours of entertainment - kept looking at my watch. More entertainment and slicker production in the MI series, if you want that genre.
The movie was crap! Daniel Craig (IMO) just isn't attractive and everything about the movie was so bor-ing!!! I wanted to ask for my money back!
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