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Thursday, December 21, 2006


I took myself off to see the new Ardman film to cheer myself up - and it did. I think FLUSHED AWAY is a real return to traditional very British Nick Park, with a lot of scope for his real genius in manipulating Heath Robinson type machines.

It`s confession time - I`d love to be an animator. I`m an animation buff, and one of those sad people who waits at the end of a film like this to read the tech credits.

Back in the Palaeolithic, when I was leaving school, I turned down an Art College acceptance. Where would it take me? Lacking genius, either to commercial art or teaching. Animation? In those days Warner did the shorts and Disney did the features and unless you were Len Lye scratching on exposed stock and the darling of the obscure arty festivals you could forget it in this country.

So that`s another road not taken.

Meanwhile I`m trying to get my hand in cartooning Chin. At the moment they come out very 20`s Fleischer Brothers - but as you can see, I`m working on it.

However, now it`s time for my annual jaunt round my relatives, leading to excessive and delightful overeating and other festive joys. A report will follow.

Watch this space.

And don`t forget to enjoy yourselves this Christmas.
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