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Sunday, June 01, 2008


A quiet time here. Especially for all the girls who came into season and suddenly found their social lives very restricted indeed.

The exception was Tamara, who travelled across the country and delighted a young dog with her total lack of - how shall I put it? - feminine modesty. She has a notion that she should try to at least present a facade of decency, and at the first advance she has a token snap at the presumptious suitor, but the effect is totally spoiled when she then whirls round and presents him with the enticing target area.

Topaz is at the awful gawky stage, when tooth development elongates the head and the word "carrot" comes to mind. There is a stage in Papillon puppy development when a large paper bag (with eyeholes) dropped over the whole dog is the answer - only the feet are presentable..

Merlin is still struggling with the social difficulties of being lowest man on the totem pole. Marcus has got his measure, and every time the little man is caught out in something he just looks meaningfully at Merlin who immediately assumes guilt and slouches away as uneasy as a short nun at a penguin shoot.

I keep telling him that from the bottom the only way is up. He gives me the look of a man without an ice axe, rope or map, staring hoplessly up at Mount Everest.

I think he`s still working on that idea.
I found your blog when I was looking for a new collar for my dogs on "Golly Gear." They had a link to your site, and I have been reading through most of it for the last few days. I LOVE your way with words!

I am the proud owner/servant of a resucue Papillion (Lee Roy) and Miniature Dachshund (Wilbur). I adopted the "boys" when they were both "teenagers." They are very entertaining in their own way, but I'm not sure that they could ever compete with your adventures with Dougal, or the "tinies" keeping me safe from the mailman.

Lee Roy does feel obligated to guard me from the spin cycle of my washing machine, though. Wilbur spends a lot of time trying to hunt anything that moves when he is outside, or that resides in a bag or box when inside.

My dogs are both "fixed" as they say here in the USA, so I don't have the adventures of having the boys look out for girls to "date." I have learned a lot from looking at your photos of the puppies, and reading about their mom's obstetric adventures. I am sorry that Rio passed away; I am not familiar with the survival rate of puppies. (I am a Neonatal ICU nurse (I take care of premature and other sick newborn humans), so I am familiar with the trials and tribulations of small people.)

I am looking forward to your updates, and hope that you can avoid the tummy bugs, etc. that seem to plague you.
Thank you - it means a lot to know that people read this and like it.

Papillons do take you over, and I`ve had them such a long time.They always provide something to write about. I`m delighted that people actually enjoy it.
"There is a stage in Papillon puppy development when a large paper bag (with eyeholes) dropped over the whole dog is the answer - only the feet are presentable.."

Haha, I'm sooo there, right now with my Cardigan Welsh Corgi bitch! I keep telling myself, that SOMEDAY, she will grow up ;)
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